Digging Into Data: Round Two

March 16th, 2011

The Digging Into Data program which funded the Criminal Intent project has announced a second round. They have added four more funders and one more country (the Netherlands.) As Brett Bobley put it,

Round one proved to be enormously popular, with nearly 90 international research teams competing. One piece of feedback we heard very strongly from the field is that we needed more money in this program so that we could (a) award more total projects and (b) allow for more funds per project. I’m happy to say that by adding four extra funders we have tried to address both of these concerns.

The beauty of this programme is that it funds teams across countries (Canada, USA, UK, and now the Netherlands) without forcing you to apply separately to each national programme. One application, two or three budgets, one adjudication, and you can do research with international colleagues!

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