In the New York Times

August 13th, 2011

The New York Times has an article on the Criminal Intent project. See, Old Bailey Trials Are Tabulated for Scholars Online (“As the Gavels Fell: 240 Years at Old Bailey, Patricia Cohen, August 17, 2011). They quote a historian who is skeptical of the results of mining, though he appreciates the resource.

“The Old Bailey Online project has done a great service in making those sources widely (and costlessly) available,” Mr. Langbein wrote in an e-mail. But he complained that the claims about data mining have “a breathless quality: ‘you can expect big things from us,’ but as yet it’s all method and no results.” He said that the new findings belittle the work of a generation of scholars who focused on the 18th century as the turning point in the evolution of the criminal justice system.

The challenge for us will be to show results from the methods.

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